1. Grade Input and Revision (Students can review their preliminary grades after they 

   complete the course assessment)

   KUPID(http://portal.korea.ac.kr➝ Registration&Graduation - Grade Inquiries

   - Course Evaluation




Course assessment

10:00, Dec 10(Thu), 2018 ~ 17:00, Jan 7(Mon), 2019

Grade Input

10:00, Dec 17(Mon), 2018 ~ 17:00, Dec 28(Fri), 2018

Grade Open to Students

and Revision

10:00, Dec 31(Mon), 2018 ~ 17:00, Jan 7(Mon), 2019

Grade Confirmation

17:00, Jan 8(Tue), 2019




2. Notice

A. Students can review their preliminary grades the day after they complete the course

     evaluation for this fall semester.

B. Grade Review URL : http://sugang.korea.ac.kr/grade/

C. Log into Grade Review System

1) ID : Student Number

2) PASSWORD : KUPID Password

※ If you are a domestic exchange student:

- ID : Academic Year + KG + Student number 4 digits

- Password : 7 final digits of your Resident Registration Number

                                              (If you want to change your Password, visit http://sugang.korea.ac.kr/graduate/)

D. Grade "I" will change to "F" the day after Grade Confirmation.

     If you have inquiries regarding your grade(s), you are expected to contact the

     professors or instructors during the Revision Period.


Dean of the Graduate School